abi-wisdom-pedro-www-photobypedro-co-ukBELOW ARE THE TALK talk panel shows and classroom talks intended for the Birmingham Comic art Show on Saturday 24th June… Please note this may be subject to change and guests taking part will be listed at the show.

Lecture Theatre

10am – Welcome

10.30am – Quick on the Draw (Artists sketch live on stage).

11am – Anime Goes To Hollywood (How Japanese manga entered western mainstream culture).

11.30am – Ron Tiner’s Sequential Art Class Part 1 (Exploring the thought processes that influence a comic page’s construction).

12.30pm – Games Without Frontiers (Why RPGs, digital and board games are no longer just for geeks).

1pm – Screaming Out Loud (How France’s Metal Hurlant signalled the birth of a more adult comic form).

1.30pm – Science Friction (As Stars Wars, 2000AD and Heavy Metal celebrate major anniversaries we investigate what makes them strong).

2.15pm – Evolutionary Expansion (How creative freedoms eventually lead to a digital explosion). Hosted by Keith Bloomfield who offers a slight taster for the event with the following video:

3pm – Superhero Conflicts (Is it the company, the character or the creative team that makes a winner?)

3.30pm Ron Tiner’s Sequential Art Class Part 2 (Choreographing & constructing a comic page).

4.30am – Quick on the Draw Part 2 (Artists sketch live on stage).


11am – Independents Seen (How US creators like Daniel Clowes affected comics).

11.30am – Airing Your Thoughts (Brum Radio’s Geeky Radio share tips & techniques).

12noon – Scripting Q & A (Writers explain).

12.30pm – Portfolio Review.

1.30pm – Pencil Tips (Roland Bird offers some excellent pointers).

2.30pm – Lettering A-Z (Dave Evans on the fundamentals & the faux pas).

3.30pm – Portfolio Review 2.

4.30pm – Independents Gleaned (How the rise of Tank Girl lead to a whole new British comics scene).

Photo (c) Pedro.