BIRMINGHAM COMICS FESTIVAL enters the world of academia today!

Birmingham City University will host a series of lectures dedicated to the world of comics and sequential art on the afternoon of Friday 23rd June.

Whether you’re a fan of comics from a creative, cultural or historical point of view this event is for you… And the event is free!

There will panel talks taking in the whole spectrum of comics related matters as our speakers underpin the wild world of comics with some theories and discussion about comics and their context.

So, if you ever wondered why Superman wears his pants on the outside, why certain comics have been banned in the UK for being too naughty or who would win in a fight between Batman and Iron Man then this is the event for you!

Below is a schedule for delegates attending the event.

2pm: Introductions/Coffee.

2:30pm: Pat Mills and Action comics, presented by Professor Xavier Mendik.

3pm: LGBT comics, presented by David Mumford.

3.45pm: Goth and the horror comics, presented by Steve Cotterial.

4.30pm: Steampunk and Victorian aesthetics in comic books, presented by Imogen Foster.

5pm:  Anime and comic books, presented by Jason Hockman.

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