THE BIRMINGHAM COMICS Festival will be taking place at various venues throughout the city in 2018 and as always there is the opportunity for companies, independent traders and individuals alike to promote their comics-related wares and exhibit at a number of those events.

What’s more, some of those opportunities are going to be free!

There are also a number of unique promotional and advertising opportunities The Birmingham Comics Festival may be able offer you. Contact us and we will happily discuss them with you – From the simple to the sensational!

But we know the real reason you’re here… You want to know about stand availability at our convention this year; the one that’s being hosted at the state-of-the-art facilities of Birmingham City University… Come back soon and we’ll be able to tell you everything you need to know!

Worldwide political tomfoolery aside, we know times can be hard and because of that we’ve strived to deliver some excellent rates… Get in contact now and we’ll let you know all about them!


“Without a doubt, the best ‘first time’ comic convention we’d ever been to… The way the organisers treated the guests and exhibitors could not have been better,” Dave West, of publishers Accent UK.

Photo by (c) Pedro.