warrior1THE BIRMINGHAM COMICS Festival welcomes interest from all official press and media contacts.

Press releases will be issued, and saved for easy access here on this website, as will new promotional links to assorted external media.

The team is also happy to discuss news angles and features of specific interest to your target audience and can arrange interviews with guests prior to and during the festival period… You’re quite safe in our hands only one of the team is psychotic, but they’re on medication so usually quite harmless (unless you misplace an apostrophe).

There is a contact form at the foot of this page, but before you get there we draw your attention to a modest collection of news cuttings plus online links to reviews and TV footage covering the Birmingham Comics Festival‘s first two years. Additionally there are a couple of links to recent radio and podcast interviews with members of the festival’s organising body.

  • Downthetubes.net outlined BCF 2017 events revealed so far. Read about them by clicking here.
  • Paul H Birch was on Brum Radio‘s Geeky Radio programme on Saturday 13th June outlining some of the events for BCF 2017. To hear it click here.
  • Paul H Birch, Olly MacNamee and Robert McLaughlin chat during Creative Networks’ DMT Podcast for January 2017, where if you listen carefully an exclusive is revealed. To hear it click here.
  • Steve Tanner was live on Brum Radio during the Christmas 2015 period talking about some of 2017’s plans for the festival. To hear it click here.

News & Reviews for The Birmingham Comics Festival in 2016:

Reviews for The Birmingham Comics Festival in 2015

Press & Media please complete the form below. You will be replied to asap.

Paul H Birch, Roland Bird (Legion of Superheroes) and Hunt Emerson (The Beano) were invited to appear on Big Centre TV where they discussed The Birmingham Comics Festival‘s first convention. To watch it click on the video link below.

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