HERE ARE SOME photos taken during The Birmingham Comics Festival’s convention from 2017.

This event was held at Birmingham City University. Scan down the page and you’ll see a few of the fabulous guests, exhibitors and indeed fans who were there!

For the entire compendium of photos taken by (c) Pedro for this event, pop along to Birmingham Comics Festival‘s Facebook page by clicking here.

Enjoy the gallery here first though…

Chris Beckett and friend, promoting BCU’s Art shop’s wares.
Richard Rudge
Local comic book creator Richard Rudge,


Local comic creator Jatinder Ghatora and wife.

David Leach 2

David Leach – Titan Comics editor and creator of Psycho Gran!

ron tiner
Ron Tiner – Veteran of the British comics industry and book illustrator who gave a fantastic master class on storytelling through art… 
Marc Silk
Marc Silk – Voice actor for Star Wars, Johnny Bravo, Scooby-Doo & Danger Mouse.
Phil Winslade
Phil Winslade – Artist on Lawless, featured in the Judge Dredd Megazine.
Mike Collins
Mike Collins – He not only storyboards the Dr Who TV show but draws comics too!



David Lloyd
David Lloyd – Co-creator of V For Vendetta, publisher of the award-winning Aces Weekly, and one of the UK’s finest comic book artists.