OVER THE COMING months, The Birmingham Comics Festival will be giving you a taste of what you can expect for this year’s festivities; from guests and events to how you can become directly involved yourself.

Here are some smiley faces taken during The Birmingham Comics Festival‘s convention for 2016. Scan down the page and you’ll  see some of the fabulous guests, exhibitors and indeed fans dressed-up-to-the-nines all having a great time… This year it could be you!

Enjoy the gallery…

Sonia Leong – Award-winning artist, acclaimed for her manga adaptation of Romeo & Juliet, whose illustrations were featured in TV sit-com The IT Crowd and the movie Popcorn.
Partners in crime, D’Israeli (Matt Brooke) & Ian Edginton – Artist and writer of numerous series for the galaxy’s greatest comic, 2000AD, and a whole lot more besides.
David Leach – Infamous Psycho Gran cartoonist, respected Titan Comics editor, and the winner of Channel 4’s Come Dine With Me, we kid you not!
David Hine – Critically revered writer of characters like The X-Men, Spawn & The Spirit, books such as The Silent Coffin and a whole host of others you can see behind him.
Up close and personal, Leigh Gallagher – Artist on books such as Justice League Unlimited (cue Power Girl sketch), The Witching and assorted series for 2000AD.
Busy sketching John McCrea – Artist on numerous titles including Hitman, The Teen Titans, Spider-Man, Batman and of course….Mars Attacks!
Early in the morning you can tell you’re in England the way the queues wait patiently… Mind you, you’ll never guess what that little joker did next!
“There is one who walks among us who is meek, mild and malevolent!” And yet the lads behind The Inheritic always offer their public a friendly smile.
Dave Windett – A cartoonist whose work ranges from the anthropomorphic tomfoolery of Count Duckula & Korky the Cat to the intrigues of The Kaci Bell Mysteries. 
Chaperoned by his daughter, Mike Collins – Be it storyboards for the TV series, graphic novels for the BBC or strips for the Dr Who Magazine, he’s the man who they go to!
Jessica Martin – Star of stage, screen and an impressively accomplished growing line of graphic novels, including It Girl & the Elsie Harris Picture Show.
Cosplayers come in all shapes and sizes, and then they have a tendency to congregate in big colourful groups…  Which comes in handy when taking photographs!
A colourful collection of comics, zines and artwork at the Laydeez Do Comics table, and just as inviting a picture of some more smiling faces.
Little people mean a lot at The Birmingham Comics Festival… And we’re not just saying that because these cute young girls look such tough cookies.
 Seated at her table, Rachael Smith – Creator of the graphic novels House Party and The Rabbit, and cartoonist on Titan’s Dr Who comic.
Is that the real Tank Girl or the just-as-awesome Abi Wisdom? Either way it’s s a good way to end this funkily cool set of photographs on!

Photos (c) Pedro.